Cerulean Inc.

Core Values


We remain focused on achieving the highest standards in management practices and customer service. Cerulean is committed to representing the best interests of the client at all times, and ensuring that the client understands what is required every step of the way. We believe strongly in creating a positive working relationship through straight forward open communication.


We are constantly researching and developing the latest in new technologies and management processes. Cerulean demands that our developers and suppliers provide the highest caliber in programming, processes and best practices from a cost and quality perspective. The software-as-a-service market continues to evolve, especially with the emergence of new web services, open source code, and more efficient technical systems that are also environmentally friendly. Cerulean understands the importance of keeping staff and our network of subcontractors educated and trained on new practices and technologies in our field.


Cerulean will protect your business and monetary interests throughout the deployment process, and provide appropriate documentation for every project along the way. Regular statements are presented which outline actual costs versus original budget estimates where appropriate. Finally, comprehensive pricing and timetables are created and revised when necessary.


Detail, efficiency and effectiveness of new business processes are probably the most recognized attributes of Cerulean projects. Our team’s primary focus is to create cost effective solutions with high return on investment. Planning, execution, and ongoing sustainment of sales and marketing business solutions are our specialty. Throughout the design, configuration and run stages of operation our highly talented team of project managers, business analysts and developers ensure that necessary quality control measures are taken with every customer deployment.

Security, Privacy and IP Protection

Cerulean customer focus includes data security, client privacy, and protection of our client’s intellectual property.

Guiding Principles

Quality comes first: To achieve client satisfaction, the quality of our services and products must be our number one priority.

Clients are the focus of everything we do: Our work must be done with our clients in mind, providing better products and services than the competition.

Employee involvement is our way of life: We are a team, and treat each other with trust and respect.

Suppliers and clients are our partners: Cerulean must maintain mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, customers, and other business associates.

Integrity is never compromised: The conduct of Cerulean world wide must be pursued in a manner that is socially responsible and commands respect for its integrity and for its positive contributions to society. Our doors are open to men and woman alike without discrimination and without regard to ethnic origin or personal beliefs.

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